Resort Policy


Golden Vine Beach Resorts Rules and Guidelines are in place to protect you, and ensure an enjoyable experience for all of our valued guests and visitors.

Golden Vine Beach Resort is a private/semi-private beach resort. Please contact the resort to check availability and reserve accommodation before arriving.

Opening Times

Please observe and respect our opening times, prices and capacity numbers. We have implemented these times to try and monitor people capacity numbers and change over of overnight guests. We want all guests and visitors at Golden Vine Beach Resort to have a fun and fair use of the facilities available.

  • Resort: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
  • Swimming Pool: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
  • The Vortex Bar & Restaurant: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM.
  • Poolside Cabana: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
  • Day Visitors: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Golden Vine Beach Resort enforces a No Pay, No Entry Policy.

Check-in and check-out

Check-in is: 2:00 PM for overnight accommodation. Please have a little patience as our room attendants explain the facilities and functions of your room.

Check-out is: 12:00 NN for overnight accommodation.

Day Visitors: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Visitors of Overnight Guests

For overnight guests, kindly inform the reception if you are expecting visitor(s) as they are required to register with us and pay applicable entrance fees. Visiting hours is 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM. If your visitor(s) wish to have an overnight stay with you, please inform us so that we could make the necessary room rate adjustments and/or room upgrade suggestions.

Air Conditioned Cottages

Air Conditioned Cottages are fitted with: double bed, and single bunk; air conditioning unit; water heater shower. Each cottage has: private bathroom; and terrace. The Resort will supply: beddings; pillows; towels; complimentary soap; shampoo; toilet tissue; and toothpaste for three (3) persons only.

Please never flush wet tissues, and sanitary napkins down the toilet bowl as this may cause unpleasant blockages. Please throw your trash in the garbage bins provided.

Reservation Deposit

A reservation deposit of a minimum of 50% of the accommodation cost (low season), or 100% of the accommodation cost (peak season) will be required to confirm a reservation. This can be paid personally at the resort, or by bank deposit at Land Bank.

A picture or copy of deposit slip must be sent to Golden Vine Beach Resort via email to info@goldenvinebeachresort.com to confirm your deposit and reservation.

Golden Vine Beach Resort will not secure the booking until a picture of the deposit slip has been received.

Cancellation and/or termination of reservation

Golden Vine Beach Resort has the right to cancel any room reservation(s) or booking(s).

Golden Vine Beach Resort has the right to refuse visitors entry to the resort.

Customers that book directly with the resort have the right to change or cancel a booking up to 14 days prior to check-in. Subject to the discretion of resort management, and seasonal demand. Customers will be liable for any costs incurred by cancellations or amendments.

Cancellations made within 14 days prior to check-in will forfeit all or some of the deposit amount. Subject to the discretion of resort management, and seasonal demand. Customers will also be liable for any costs incurred by the cancellation.

No-shows will forfeit all of the reservation deposit. The reservation will be cancelled, and the room(s) open to receive bookings.

Reservations made through third parties will be subject to the third party’s policies on amendments, cancellations and no-shows.

Security Deposit

A mandatory security deposit of P1,000 will be charged to the customer at check-in for both overnight guests and day visitors.

The security deposit is completely refundable at check-out upon a satisfactory inspection of accommodation.

Maximum Capacity

The maximum capacaity for air conditioned cottages is three (3) adults aged thirteen (13) and above, or two (2) adults and two (2) children between the ages of one (1) and twelve (12).

At least one (1) adult aged twenty one (21) and above must accompany a group staying overnight.

We strictly enforce this policy, so please check and head-count before arrival. Any numbers exceeding the maximum capacity will not be allowed to enter the resort unless other accommodation is available and rented.

Swimming Pool

Swimming attire

Our swimming pool requires strict use of proper swimming attire as any loose cotton fibers clog our delicate swimming pool filter system. Entry to the pool will only be permitted with proper swimming attire. Guests found wearing cotton will be asked to vacate the swimming pool.

Shower first

Shower before entering the pool for hygienic purposes.

No eating or drinking by the pool

Strictly no drinking and no eating by in the swimming pool area.

Visitors using the Poolside Cabana must keep food and drink within the cabana.

Strictly no use of swimming pool if under the influence of alcohol.

Supervize your children

Please monitor minors at all times when in or around the swimming pool area.

Pool watcher

We employ a full time pool watcher from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the pool and beach.
If you want to swim in the sea please inform a member of resort staff so that we can deploy a watcher to be present on the beach. This is for your safety and enjoyment.

Night swimming

Night swimming in the pool after 8:00 PM is strictly prohibited unless a prior arrangement has been made with resort management and pool watcher at least 24 hours before your arrival.

Night swimming is subject to the discretion of resort management, and availability of resort staff.

Night swimming will only be permitted until 11:00 PM if approved by resort management.

Beach and seafront access

Our regulated beach hours are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day. The beach gate is locked at 6:00 PM.

Golden Vine Beach Resort will not take responsibility for guests who go night swimming in the sea.

Please make sure you take precautionary measures for your safety if you decide to swim in the sea after dark. Always remember, safety first!

Food & Drink

Cooking and the brining of food is permitted at Golden Vine Beach Resort.

Guests are kindly asked to use the designated cooking area only. This includes the use of grills and stoves.

Rice cookers only are allowed to be used inside the accommodations with applicable fees of P200 per rice cooker.

Guests are kindly asked to bring utensils and cookware. The resort will not supply utensils or cookware to guests.

No Smoking

We strictly prohibit smoking inside any accommodation, in the swimming pool area including the Poolside Cabana, and The Vortex Bar & Restaurant.

Please smoke at designated smoking areas.

Security Guard

We have a 24-hour security guard on-site. Nevertheless, we recommend that you keep your room door locked for security reason.

CCTV Surveillance

The resort is fully protected by CCTV surveillance.


Pets are permitted at management discretion so please do let us know upon booking.

Pets must be kept in a cage or on a leash at all times.

Guest must clean up after their pets.

Failure to comply with our requests may result in the termination of your stay, and we don’t want that.

Our pets

Please do not feed any of the dogs and cats inside the Resort. Golden Vine Beach Resort also does not approve of any harsh treatment to the beach resort’s pets. The dogs names are Bun, Aya, and Hei Hei. The cats names are Furgal, Yin, and Yang. We try and make sure they are always wearing a collar. If you find them to be a nuisance, please inform a member of staff at the resort.

General rules

The Vortex Bar

The Vortex Bar & Restaurant does not take any reservations.

Guests staying overnight at the resort take priority at The Vortex Bar.

We operate a first come, first served policy.


Golden Vine Beach Resort does not permit Videoke at the resort. We have a beautiful sound system connected to a jukebox with an unlimited amount of music for guests to choose from.

Tables and Chairs

We do not rent or reserve tables and chairs, or tents. Each air conditioned cottage is provided a table and four (4) chairs with umbrella free of charge.

Fines and costs

All guests are fully responsible to pay for any fines (including plumbing and/or cleaning fees such as swimming pool cleaning fee), losses and/or damanges to the beach resort properties caused by guests, their visitors, or their friends during their stay.

Personal Belongings

Golden Vine Beach Resort will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged personal belongings of guest(s) and visitors.

Accidents and Damages

Any occurred accidents and/or damages within the resort premises are to the full responsibility and cost of the guest and/or guardian and/or visitor.

Lost key

A lost key charge of PHP 250 per key.

Final Words

We, Golden Vine Beach Resort management and team, try our best to keep our beach resort enjoyable and peaceful for all. We would love to have your compliance and assistance. Thank you very much for all your support, recommendations and feedback. We wish you a pleasant stay with us filled with fun and happy memories!

Thank you.

The team at GV.